D and H Rail Trail Conditions

The Trail:

This rail-trail runs from Lucas Turnpike (a bit north of where Lucas meets Route 209) to the bridge on Route 209 that crosses the Esopus Creek (about a mile north of Hurley). If you find the turnoff before the bridge, you can take a less well maintained trail all the way to Washington Ave. in Kingston. It's part of a trail system that will eventually run from Ellenville to Kingston and will intersect trails running from the Walkway across the Hudson to the Ashokan reservoir. The section that's open is about 15 miles long, though about 2 miles of that runs alongside Route 209. That's not too shabby, you can ride a 30 mile loop off road. It's kind of flat, but goes through some pretty scenery.

The D & H Corridor Heritage Web Site has info about the rail-trail and a map. Check the link at the top of their page called Trail Status. If you want to extend your ride, there are some quiet country roads near the south end of the rail trail, be sure to bring a good map of the area. It's usually a good idea to stay off Lucas Turnpike, but Route 209 has wide shoulders.

Here's a google map of the area around High Falls: High Falls
Here's a google map of the area around Hurley: Hurley


Finding a place to park near the trail can be tricky. The easiest place to park near the middle of the trail is off of Leggett Road near downtown High Falls. There's room for about 6 cars. Head west out of High Falls on 213. Turn right at the light onto Lucas Turnpike (just past the bridge over the Roundout Creek). Take the first left onto Leggett Rd. Drive about 1/2 mile. Parking is on the right.

A couple of miles north along Lucas Turnpike, there is additional parking for 4 cars near the cement silos on Cottekill Road. The parking area is not well marked, and is on the south side of the road. Do not park near the fire station.

A mile north of Cottekill Road there is parking for 4 cars on Marcott Road.

There is a trailhead with parking for about 10 cars a mile south of Hurley on Route 209. The trailhead is on the northbound side of 209 and is marked by a small sign. There are two more parking areas adjacent to 209 as you head north.


Probably covered in snow and ice till around April 1st. Expect some mud thru the middle of May.

The trail section between Route 213 and Leggett tends to be pretty muddy, especially after rain.