Minnewaska Page

Minnewaska State Park is closed to mountain biking. It will probably open for biking sometime after April 1st.

Please remember that helmets are required when riding in the park. Bike riding is permitted only on designated carriageways. There are no singletrack mountain biking trails ... yet, but the park is planning on adding up to 12 miles of singletrack trails over the next couple of years.

Watch out for snakes on the carriageways in spring. They like to crawl out on the warm road surface during the day. Here's a youtube video taken by a couple of our patrollers: Minnewaska Rattlesnake

Be especially careful if you spot a rattlesnake. They move slow in the spring but still bite. If you find one crossing a carriageway, like in the video above, wait for it to cross before continuing your ride or hike. If the snake is sunning itself in the road and you need to pass, give it as wide a berth as possible. Please don't annoy snakes, the park is their home and they have as much right to enjoy it as you do.

Here's a link to the park's web site ==> Minnewaska State Park

For more info call the park at 845-255-0752.