How to Join GUMBA:

Each GUMBA member is asked to make a commitment of riding patrol, assisting on trail work projects, or helping out with advocacy events.

Gumba bike patrols provide assistance to visitors by providing directions, inner-tubes, first-aid and friendly advice to those in need. Patrols are run Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 am to 4 pm. We usually run 2 patrols at both Minnewaska the Mohonk Preserve, so we need about 8 patrollers per day, or 16 people to cover a weekend. If you don't have a regular partner to patrol with, we will try to pair you up with someone of your riding level and experience. Patrol riders are admitted free of charge, on the days they ride patrol, to the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park (and you will be admitted free to the Mohonk Preserve for riding or hiking on other days after doing at least one patrol there). Patrollers are asked to ride a patrol a month from May to October, and to ride one holiday (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, or Columbus Day) if possible. The patrol a month guidline is flexible. If you can only do four patrols all summer, or you want to pack six patrols into a couple of months, we'll work with you to accomodate your schedule.

Becoming a GUMBA bike patroller requires some training. We hold a large training session each spring. Our 2019 training will be held April 13th at the Mohonk Preserve's Visitors Center. The training starts at 9:00 and runs to around 3:00. We do offer spot training for folks who can not make the training.

You can find a map to the Preserve here.

There will be coffee and snacks, but you should plan to bring a lunch. If the weather is nice, we'll probably do a ride after the training, so you may want to bring a bike. Don't forget your helmet.

If you have access to a printer, please print out a copy of our training manual and bring it with you.

We hold a few spot training sessions every summer for people who can't make the regular training. For spot training, a small group of new members will ride patrol with one of GUMBA's trainers. If you take the spot training, you will be required to attend the regular training session next year. There is a list of spot trainers you can contact at the end of this page.

For your first patrol we will pair a novice patroller with a more experienced GUMBA members. We feel our group training is complemented by pairing you up with an experienced patroller. If you are unfamiliar with the Mohonk Perserve or Minnewaska State Park, this first ride will also give you a chance to get oriented.

Returning GUMBA bike patrollers should plan on attending training sessions every three years.

Note: you will not be given access to the members area till after you have been trained.

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