GUMBA Membership Application
The eApplication system is now available.
If you are a returning GUMBA member, it will take a few days before your password is set up.
If you have an email account, I'll email you when your application has been processed.
If you are a new GUMBA member, your password will not be active till after you've been trained.

Personal information
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Street Address
Phone number
We use your email address or you name as you entered it above as your username.
Caps don't count. For example: Mark Hahn would have a username of mark hahn
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Emergency contact name
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Please select one or more of the following:
I want to ride weekend patrols
I want to help with trailwork
I want work on advocacy issues
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Other outdoor interests
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Patrol preferences
If one weekend day works better for you please check it.
If it makes no difference, leave the next 2 boxes blank.
We ask each member to patrol at least one holiday.
Check as many as you think you can ride.
Memorial Day
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If you have a preferred partner enter their name.
Mountain biking level Beginner
Preferred patrol distance 10 Miles
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30 Miles
30+ Miles
What percentage of the Mohonk Preserve carriage
roads have you ridden?
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20 to 60%
60 to 100%
What percentage of the Minnewaska State Park carriage
roads have you ridden?
0 to 20%
20 to 60%
60 to 100%