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Joining GUMBA

GUMBA is a group of mountain bikers dedicated to preserving the privilege of riding in the Shawangunk mountains.

We help other users of the Shawangunk Carriageway and Trail System:
We give direction to the lost;
We provide aid to the injured;
We offer repair supplies, equipment, and advice to cyclists in need of help;

GUMBA works to improve mountain bikers' relationship with the non-riding public, other trail user groups, and land managers. We represent and advocate for the views of mountain bikers.

We work toward that end by volunteering our time to help the Mohonk Preserve and the Minnewaska State Park. Each GUMBA member makes a commitment to ride patrol, assist on trail work projects, or help out with advocacy events. We are a part of the Mohonk and Minnewaska community and provide a valuable service.

Our 2019 training session will be held on Saturday, April 13th. If you miss our regular training session, we offer several spot training sessions during the season. If you are interested in joining GUMBA, please check out our Joining GUMBA web page.

For more information please contact: